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Critical Regions and International Relations ConcentrationGlobal Fellows Announces Brand New Concentration: Critical Regions and International Relations!

This concentration recognizes the importance of regional study within the field of international relations. Developing and implementing coherent foreign policy in a conflict region is especially challenging. The fall seminar course will look at U.S. foreign policy initiatives in the Balkans, Columbia, as well as Syria and Iraq.  The course will examine the case of Columbia in the 2000s, when it transformed from a near-failed narco-state to a more prosperous nation with the desire to be a force for stability in the region. Course participants will also use the Balkans in the 1990s as a case study representing the challenges facing diplomatic initiatives in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious regional conflict.  Course participants will then focus on current problems in Syria and Iraq and seek to formulate a set of realistic policy proposals to address one of the most vexing regional foreign policy challenges of our time. 

The instructors are active duty American Foreign Service Officers with diplomatic experience in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. This course will also include senior American and foreign officials and other policy leaders with involvement and expertise in critical regions.

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-3pm

Applications for 2017-2018 Open in March 2017!

We have a brand new concentration, Critical Regions and International Relations! Check the "Application" section on web site to download form.

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-Gain international experience without leaving the country.

-Learn from the teaching and successes of expert practitioners in the field.

-Intern at international organizations, agencies, embassies, and more!

-Students who successfully complete program requirements will earn a Global Fellows DC Fellow notation on their transcript.

Take a fall academic seminar on global leadership and policy taught by expert practitioners in the field.

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Intern for credit in the spring at an embassy, international organization, federal agency, or multinational corporation.

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Increase your learning experience through University of Maryland supplementary courses.

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Attend workshops, roundtable discussions, and off-campus lectures to learn more about real-world applications.

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